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  1. DICT, China Telecom sign deal for submarine cable
  2. Why RFID tag is better for toll transactions | Autodeal
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DICT, China Telecom sign deal for submarine cable

You'll be treated with the latest technologies to take home which can help to reduce cellulite, improve circulation and improve skin tone. The procedure is non-surgical, does not require anaesthetic and you don't even need any recovery time, so you could do it in a lunch break! It's called Radio Frequency technology and it works by targeting deep layers of skin with radio waves and breaking down fat cells, thus being completely non-invasive and non-surgical.

Hollywood stars like Demi Moore and Cameron Diaz have embraced this method of slimming and firming as their new best friend. In fact, the treatment feels a little bit like having a warm massage and is completely safe. Collagen rebuilds beneath surface skin, making it tighter, while fat dissolves away. This treatment is already being touted as the natural successor to liposuction and it works best on areas such as stomach, thighs, buttocks, face, arms and neck.

Why RFID tag is better for toll transactions | Autodeal

Here are a few examples, how the RF treatment can help you get rid of those last problem areas:. Body Shaping: In this case the Radio Frequency Treatment acts as an advanced firming and slimming treatment that effectively combats fat cells, cellulite and "orange-peel" looks. No recently viewed deals.

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Highlights Select from two revolutionary slimming and shaping systems that are proven safe and effective Quick procedure that lasts for 15 minutes or less Painless alternative to liposuction with no recovery time Radio Frequency treatment is ideal for effortlessly slimming down and firming up the chin, arms, tummy, and legs Suitable for both men and women For best results, multiple sessions are recommended. Other Live Deals. Recently Viewed. This deal is already sold out. I-Glow Beauty and Wellness Center.

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We will let you know as soon as this or similar deal is available again. For the technology to work, data is electronically encoded and stored in a smart tag which are then picked up during use by a reader via radio waves. Once captured, the data can be turned over to and processed by a computer.

Aesthetic Institute of the Philippines

In the transportation sector, for instance, it is now common to see contactless smart cards or tickets equipped with RFID tags being used to ride buses, trains, and other public transportation. The convenience it has facilitated is hard to deny, with passengers now needing only to tap a card or ticket to use their preferred mode of transport. In retail, the same technology is being used by the likes of Amazon Go, where RFID tags and readers allow customers to just grab items off the shelves and leave. No more long queues at the checkout counter!

Philippine Amateur Radio Association (PARA), Inc.

For companies, in general, RFID is being used for such purposes as keeping track of employee attendance and facilitating employee access to certain areas, systems, applications and other organization resources. Amid all this excitement, though, should be a sobering reminder that innovation and emerging technologies, while vital to the economic growth of any country, must not be at the expense of the fundamental rights and freedoms of the people.

They include concerns about its use by both the government and the private sector when prying into the lives of the people via surreptitious tracking and monitoring. An RFID tag, after all, can record unique identifiers assigned to a individual, which could then, in turn, reveal information about him or her directly or indirectly. Given the extent of information involved, there are still a couple of other risks.