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None of the statisticians on the panel tried to pin Mann down on this — a passivity that I found very strange and unsatisfactory. The previous day we had discussed this very question and provided conclusive evidence to the committee that Mann did calculate the verification r2 statistic. The entire issue of verification statistics was a tar baby for them to start with, much complicated by "that would be a solly and incorrect thing to do".

Will they dodge the question totally? Confidence intervals came up in two different ways. Cuffey asked every presenter whether they could estimate the temperature years ago to within half a degree. Other than Mann, they all said no. Confidence intervals also came up in a more technical context. We strongly criticized the Hockey Team methodology of estimating confidence intervals based on calibration period residuals, rather than verification period residuals, and asked the panel to declare against using calibration period residuals.

So there are two aspects of confidence intervals to keep an eye on. Ralph Ciccerone of NAS must have winced. Procedures for selecting proxies are one of the big issues in multiproxy studies as current methods seem arbitrary at best and biased at worst. The Barton Committee asked Mann et al to describe their selection procedures, but received an unhelpful answer. In a follow-up to our presentation, we submitted a graph with a high MWP from picking apples instead of cherries — merely to illustrate the impact of arbitrary selections.

The uncertainty of this interpretation needs to be squarely addressed by the panel. Other Uncertainties It would be nice if the panel listed all the various identified uncertainties with proxies: non-normality especially with Moberg and its impacts; for tree rings, altitude changes, "modern sample bias", etc.

Or if it produces a "two-handed report" — on the one hand, … on the other hand,… as rumors suggest? This would re-open the door for the House committees and be rather an embarrassment for the Boehlert committee, which sponsored the NAS panel, and also raise questions about how NAS selected specialties to be represented on the panel.

If this happens, then NAS itself should answer some questions about panel composition. We pointed out the absence of replication specialists, the absence of statisticians with exactly appropriate sub-speciality expertise the two statistical panelists being more frerquency-domain types. References: WSJ l including the wonderful Mann quotatoin: "Giving them the algorithm would be giving in to the intimidation tactics that these people are engaged in," he says.

This is a great post. Much more tightly organized than your typical. Reads as if you put specific effort into it, perhaps thinking that NAS would read this? But the report is written, no?

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I thought they were outstanding in a variety of regards. In addition to addressing key potential NAS panel issues, they also served as excellent primers on several topics, and neatly summarized the relevant debate on other topics. WRT embarassing the Boehlert committee, they may not feel that to be too risky, now that Boehlert will be leaving the House at the end of the year. Following the story in the mass media MM was impossible.

I was unaware such an important report was due today. I know how the results will be handled in the MM: trumpet any findings which support GW; and, igore everything else. It will be fascinating to see how this reads then plays out. A two-handed report? I would have thought that this brings Sen. Why am I reminded of the final game in the film Slapshot? Of course, the next question is what is happening with the team of statisticians that Rep. Barton has got working on this issue? Steve, I think you and the Representative are up against an old-boy club, and in my experience there are few groups as viscous as academics.

They defend their own. What I, and think everyone, want to see is the truth, whatever that truth is. If the truth supports Mann, fantastic. If the truth refutes Mann, fantastic. The goal is to answer nothing and tire readers out, so that the questions die. If the Democrats take control this fall, then the probe will likely fade away. I am sorry to be so cynical, and I hope I am dead wrong, but I certainly would not get my hopes up that questions will be answered.

How can you extrapolate the possible carelessness of one group of climate scientists to other climate scientists? Are you suggesting that interpretation of other evidence ice cores etc are similarly flawed? And if so, why? How central is the work of Drs. Mann, Bradley and Hughes to the consensus on the temperature record? In other words, if Mann et al are wrong, does it matter?

They might change public opinion and policy but not the science. The third and fourth points are more troubling. Can you please be more specific about how the methods used in MBH98 have affected later studies? These are really the issues that launched the inquiry. This is a very empirical question. The answer to this question is, of course: no. Will the panel report on replication of the above two MBH claims? This is a one-handed question.

Mopar Express Lanes - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Replication of MBH99 confidence interval calculations. This was explicitly stated on presentation day by both von Storch and ourselves. Replication of the MBH98 hockey stick to 2 decimal places using reported methods. Expressed this way, the answer is again no. Some aspects of MBH can be replicated in their major features. The remaining anomalies are puzzling and were what I was referring to in the WSJ quote. Replication of a generic spaghetti squiggle in which the MWP proxy index is lower than the modern proxy index, together with lower values in the 17th century.

Will they discuss the non-independence of these spaghetti squiggles? For example, readers of this blog know that the relative MWP-modern relationship in many of these squiggles is not robust to whether the Yamal Substitution or Polar Urals Update is used.

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Will this be reported by the NAS panel? You could blow me over with a feather if they report this. The other Boehlert question is a good question. Other groups may not have been comparably "careless", but their results are still "unaudited". Peer review at journals is a very limited form of due diligence.

Something additional is needed. Secondly, you make a distinction between "PR claims" and "science". I sometimes compare what I do to being a pre-Iraq War analyst considering aluminum tubes who says — you know, sometimes an aluminum tube is just an aluminum tube and not evidence of WMD. But it means that those other grounds have to be themselves analyzed closely.

Within the little world of year multiproxy studies, every subsequent study refers to MBH and is influenced by it. Many of them have a knife-edge balance between the MWP index and the modern index — just enough to say that the modern index is the highest in years, but very vulnerable to very slight accounting problems. So if the HS studies fall, you have to re-examine all the detection and attribution studies relying on proxy results and independently assess the extent of the potential damage. The write-up above is a very good summary of those points, but Steve has also neatly brought out the issue that competing sets of questions stood behind the NAS panel.

It was agreed that we could briefly present answers to those questions but not dwell on them, and instead focus on the NAS issues. So even if the terms were revised later, on the day of the panel itself they did not gather input on the Boehlert questions, except reluctantly and, apparently, without the intention of delivering answers to them. So it would be very odd if the NAS report tomorrow actually attempts to answer the Boehlert questions.

But whether they get reflected in the report is another matter. David, Assuming, for the sake of argument, that the earth is warming, one then must ask: is this a problem? We know that climate is not static, so what we need to determine is whether the current trend is unusual. So the core question becomes: what is the normal climatic global temperature variation? All these past temperature reconstructions are attempting to answer this core question. But what if Mann and his cohorts are wrong? What if their science is sloppy and unsupportable? And here in the US or California where I live it also influences our childrens science classes they are required to inform the children, and not necessarily even discuss it!

In the signal detection literature, the regression variables are rescaled using GCM model-generated estimates of natural variability. To the extent modelers have one eye fixed on pre-industrial paleoclimate reconstructions to judge the GCM natural variability outputs, MBH will be influential there as well, even when not directly cited. Some of the paleo papers include simple signal detection exercizes, including MBH98 itself as well as work by Crowley and Hegerl. The IPCC boasts that its reports represent a scientific consensus, based on journal peer review and expert panel peer review.

RE: 15 — In many ways, we here in California are already getting a strong taste of what the rest of the world may face, if, instead of answering all of the above questions as well as a number of other, purely scientific ones we globally rush headlong into tactics and actions based on the presumption that the future according to Mann et al is a reasonable representation. Even in Europe, there are things that await, that we are already well into — for example, a power grid mainly reliant on natural gas and hydroelectricity, topped off by wind power and only a miniscule nuclear component Germany is evolving to be the closest to this model.

The hybrid craze has taken off and as a result, there is little incentive to actually work on things like efficiency in classical gasoline only cars or bio diesel. This is going to be interesting. This could be seen in a chart in the first IPCC report. More generally, I think that the majority of scientists tend to be fairly specialised in their own field. I suspect that most working scientists probably do not have any better understanding of the statistical details of multiproxy reconstructions than does the average intelligent person watching the news.

The main stream media and the eco-groovy types never seem to provide that part of the senerio, just all gloom and doom. I think one of the most important issues to focus on is the intentional, unsupportable, unexplained, unabashed, unscientific cherry picking that was necessary to demonstrate a temperature signal from tree rings. This issue, alone, renders all these Hockey Stick studies as junk science. Wonder if anyone has done a Life Cycle Analysis of hybrids. A hell of a lot of CO2 and a lot of pollution goes into making batteries.

They are stuck in a real connundrum here. It would be very politically incorrect for them to just speak straightforward to the science, like they should. RE: 19 — I am unsure about any direct subsidies. However, certainly, since a single driver in a hybrid is allowed to use the HOV lanes during peak commute times, that is certainly a perq. There is even a cute little sticker you put on your bumper to keep the CHP from bothering …. If the panel finds that Steve and Ross are correct on even one substantive issue, this will lend credibility to their ongoing efforts. It is hard to imagine how the panel could reject every argument, no matter what if any predispositions the individual members may have.

But, we shall see. This list includes vehicles as well as solar power for your home. In order to verify the model, you need something to compare to, which is often the hockey sticks themselves. Unfortunately, the climate models suffer not so much from bad science as incomplete science, particularly w. This does not even touch on other variables that are either poorly understood, or flat out improperly implemented. Re s 18 and In addition to the models, there is the slight matter of the numerous direct observations of climate change.

Funny that neither of you mentioned those. The issue is whether there is sufficient confidence to be able to hindcast using proxies. What the NAS panel testimonies has suggested to me is that the answer to this particular question is no. The consequence of such an answer is that it muddies the water a little more. Sure there is observational evidence of a warming in the last 30 years but there is little to hang your hat on as regards showing it as extraordinary. To me, if the report does turn out to be two-handed then all it invites as I suggested earlier is a larger fight without much hope of anything constructive coming out of it.

Funny that this basic standard of science has consistently evaded your grasp. The Boehlert and Barton questions are much like if you were directly dictating them, which is of course making them look good. This criticism of cherrypicking from the biggest group of cherrypickers and liars on the face of the planet. How do you know this to be true?

There is also the slight matter that in the absence of a falsifiably predictive climate theory, the on-going climate changes are indistinguishable from normal variation. The falsification of your little hypothesis would include the need to eliminate the CO2 ppmv level to show normal variation. When the denialists create a model that details this separation, let us know.

Are you able to identify a substantive error Steve or Ross has made? In addition to the models, there is the slight matter of the numerous direct observations of climate change. I think you just proved my point. It is a chaotic system that always changes. That we should observe such changes is a no-brainer. That the climate is in a constant state of flux is beside the point. The point is that using models and proxies we are still not able to predict such changes, let alone attribute them to any specific cause other than normal variation. Tacked on with insults, your continued ability to post is questionable.

Read the site. Steve and Ross have all but proven that the proxy results are indistinguishable from normal statistical variability. I think this could be quite amusing. As you point out, the energy committee asked some very specific questions, and was immediately bawled out by the science committee, who claimed it was their turf… The energy committee have accepted that, and they have given the matter over to science committee. Specifically, question 2 has some concrete questions that can be answered simply and definitively, and it would be astonishing if these issues get swept under the carpet by the energy and science committees.

The clause you quote is not a stand-alone assertion. That nobody is quite the paragon of scientific acumen! Somebody linked here today talking about the high amusement value. That some folks think past climate was stable is a constructed narrative that denialist rubes choose to believe. Can you tell me the winning PowerBall numbers next week? No kidding. And exactly how is a random process evidence of YOUR thesis?

Really now… this analogy is absurd. Oh, yeah, and every major hurricane center the US has stated repeatedly that the increase in the Atlantic is due to a multi-decadal cycle for which we are now seeing a peak. That we have only been able to reliably track hurricanes for 30 years or so must not matter, eh? If I was forced to guess the magnitude, I would guess it will be about what CO2 alone would cause, without positive feedback involving water in its various forms.

I think that is about a 2F rise for a doubling of CO2. I believe mankind has been adjusting to climate change throughout our history, and can cope with this magnitude of rise. I believe that an abrupt reduction in carbon use would do social damage of a greater magnitude than that caused by the 2F temperature rise. I believe that, even with a manageable temperature rise, we should be aggressively looking for alternate energy sources and conservation, regardless of greenhouse concerns.

So, what label applies to me? Hurricanes: See here and here. BTW, could you provide me with a link to a study demonstrating that a natural climate cycle substantially drives hurricane activity in the Atlantic? Drought: See here. Stratosphere temperature: See here. Mid-century cooling aerosols : See here. Antarctic: See here. Happy reading. For your response, if any, actual up-to-date peer-reviewed citations would be appreciated. But I think they will sound some significant cautionary notes. The RC lightweights may spin the note of defense of their clique, but I think in the end, the process is underway to fix the bad science and that this report will facilitate that readjustment.

Re 48, David Smith If you insist. I would call you a generally sensible fellow, who needs to think about energy storage rather than energy sources. Otherwise it looks like you are constructing a strawman. It would help more, though, if you could show how others say this too. Especially scientists.

Yeah, scientists. It would help your case a lot if you could trot out a few current climate scientists who show this you know, people who do climatey stuff for a living. This is, of course, utterly wrong , but you are obviously correct since you comment on this site, so you must mean that the current models cannot verify into the future. After all, what person in their right mind would travel into the future and not bring back winning lottery numbers?

No such physical model exists. You and folks like you are asserting a positive causative claim in the absence of a good predictive physical theory. Most people here have argued the science. On the other hand, your position is not science-based, but an inductive inference. What shall we call your crew, therefore?

Chickenlittleists, perhaps? Do you understand the need for that context, or not? Predictions themselves are a dime-a-dozen. Falsifiable predictions are tough to make, in contrast. By subjecting the theory and models of anthropogenic climate change to the rigors of independent, critical review, the theory and models may be refined to more accurately reflect reality.

Thank you all for replying to my questions in 10, especially Steve in his last paragraph of AGW is obviously an emotional debate, and what I find disturbing about both this blog and RealClimate. I would like to know what are the areas of agreement between the pro and anti AGW camps: 1. Do you agree that the level of CO2 in the atmosphere is higher than it has been for at least , years? Do you agree that the level of CO2 in the atmosphere is rising faster than it has for at least , years? Do you agree that in all likelihood CO2 levels will reach at least ppm by ? Do you agree that much of the observed increase in CO2 is as a result of human activity?

I got a flashy CV too. Maybe more so in some ways than those dudes. Certainly, I have the union card. Steve, should kiss my ass for even talking to him. I judge your game, by how you bring it on the playground, not what your Opie coach back home says. Just look at those guys. No game, no heart, no balls. Pat: au contraire, mon frere. See my highlighted post for another approach to comparing recent and historic variability using statistics VS For me to be concerned about that, I would have to also be convinced that CO2 in those sorts of concentrations ppm is going to cause some kind of a problem.

Of all your questions, the only one I think I know the answer to is 3 and I think the answer is yes. Can you explain what makes you think it is? Re The first 2 points are agreeable. Then you diverge. The third point is based on models which are not perfect. What we have are two similar graphs — one of the temperature increasing and the other of CO2 increasing.

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NAS Panel – What I'll Be Looking For « Climate Audit

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